Industrial Hygiene in an Electrical Utility 
Rayna D Brown, MS-IH, Industrial Hygienist, Evergy
Steve Hicks, Industrial Hygienist, Evergy 

The purpose of this session is to lead participants through key industrial hygiene case studies to practically demonstrate four key elements that guide the IH process including: identification, evaluation and control of work place occupational health hazards. A discussion regarding the value of consistent and timely information management will be covered, considering both the cultural and regulatory implications of ineffective communication practices.  

Power utility industry specific case studies will be discussed to provide an overview of common industrial hygiene concerns, demonstrating the development and application of IH processes, practices, and programs.
Additionally, a brief discussion regarding how the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Risk/Exposure Assessment model is applied to conduct systematic evaluations of the operations within an electric utility, shall be covered.