How One Municipal Utility Overcame the Challenges of Adding Renewable Energy to its Grid
Terry Blalock and Bill Crowell, Stanley Consultants
This presentation outlines the path that the City of Tallahassee took to install solar power in their system. Topics will include community and city support and the study process, including feasibility, system impact and facilities studies, and the impact of IEEE 1547 on the project. Several options were studied: A 10 MW plant connected to a switchyard; a 10 MW plant at airport connected to existing distribution substation and a third option that was chosen, a 20 MW plant at the airport connected to an existing distribution substation.   
The presentation will cover study findings, infrastructure and substation upgrades, overall results and lessons learned, such as the effects of adding inconsistent solar power to the city’s independent grid. An additional 40 MW of solar generation located at the airport connected to 230kV TLine is also being installed, and the presentation will cover the associated studies, infrastructure and substation upgrades. Finally, the presentation will discuss the city’s plans for more solar generation, the addition of reciprocating combustion engines and legacy plant retirements.